Sweet Monkey

Our concept is simple - give the customer a fun, one of a kind experience, while offering the best frozen yogurt and cupcakes on the planet!

Our Story

Sweet Monkey opened its first store in the spring of 2011 in a small town just outside of Atlanta. The store focused on providing the best frozen yogurt experience we could create, with around 200 toppings, 24 flavors of frozen yogurt, and an atmosphere that was completely over the top for our customers! When we wanted to offer something new for our customers, we started sorting through our grandmas' cupcake recipes and soon after starting offering 30 varieties of our "Over the Top" cupcakes! Our delicious, "Over the Top" cupcakes were an instant smash! Of course, we didn't stop there!

Keeping with our mission to create unique, one of a kind experiences for our customers, we created the world's first Cupcake Push Up (and of course received a patent for it!) You can now find our cupcakes all over the country, from locations like the MGM and Wynn Casinos in Las Vegas, Nickelodeon Universe in Minnesota, Gatorland in Florida, and around 100 other stores and locations around the country and still counting!

Sweet Monkey has grown into one of the most recognized neighborhood brands and a favorite with those that have visited us or tried our products! Since 2011, we have opened several more Sweet Monkey stores around metro Atlanta, and with help from our Franchising partners, we are actively expanding into other cities around the country. Look for a Sweet Monkey near you!


We can cater your next event! Not only can we deliver "The Best Cupcakes On the Planet!", we can also bring our Mobile Monkey Frozen Yogurt Store, with 9 different flavors of our "World Famous" frozen yogurt and over 30 toppings right to your next event! Please fill out the form below and let us know a little about your needs and we will be glad to get you a price.

Corporate Address

821 Dawsonville Hw
Suite 250-161
Gainesville, GA 30501

PHONE: 800-659-5785
FAX: 888-588-5240
EMAIL: info@sweetmonkey.com


When Sweet Monkey first started planning our recipes for cupcakes, we knew it had to be a unique, one of a kind experience to meet our own expectations as well as our customers. What we came up with is the only cupcake on the planet that can be called an "Over The Top Cupcake!" What does that mean? Well, a few things...

First, it had to have all natural, fresh ingredients baked fresh daily, but that was a given, and any bakery worth its salt does that, right? Well, unfortunately, no. Not all cupcakeries do!

Second, we had to come up with some insane recipes that no one would ever dare try! Southern Pecan Pie? Check! Banana Fosters? Check! Bourbon Peach? Check! Of course we also have the basics that everyone loves, but one look at all of our selections and you'll quickly notice we are not your cookie cutter bakery. We are offering one of a kind experiences you can only find at Sweet Monkey. But that's not the end...

Third, we set out to make the biggest cupcakes you could ever find! We actually had to specially make our pans because normal large cupcake pans wouldn't do! This is not your normal cupcake. We're talking huge! Like, it may take you two settings to finish it, huge!

At Sweet Monkey, you can "Taste The Difference!"


If you have an event you would like The Sweet Monkey to be a part of, we would love to talk to you! The Sweet Monkey has been fortunate to be a part of many different types of events, and our "Mobile Monkey" makes it possible to work the smallest or biggest of events. Just a sample of events we have been a part of include: Petite LeMans Formula One racing, Taste of Kennesasaw, Gold Rush Days in Dahlanega, numorous fairs and carnivals, High School football games, fundraising events, relay walk for cancer, weddings, birthday parties, government parties and events, church special family and youth events, and the list goes on... Please tell us a little about your event and one of our event planners will get in touch with you to work out the arrangements.


  • Why Frozen Yogurt?

    • Nationally, CNBC reported in March that the frozen yogurt business was booming. Servings of frozen yogurt sold increased by 11 percent to 128 million last year and frozen yogurt revenue grew by 5.9 percent in the past five years. The industry is expected to grow 2.4 percent a year from 2012 to 2016.

    • Nearly 79 percent of snackers shared that they prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream

    • More than 45 percent eat frozen yogurt at least one once a month

    • Nearly 95 percent consider frozen yogurt to be a better-for-you dessert and snack alternative to ice cream

Frozen Yogurt

Unlike our competitors, Sweet Monkey uses a fresh, all natural product that doesn't come in a mix. Other yogurt stores will stir a powder into milk to make their frozen yogurt. That will give you a powdery, inconsistent product. Have you ever gotten a bad aftertaste after tasting a competitors frozen yogurt? Never with the Sweet Monkey! Our taste consistently beats out that of our competitors because we use a natural, 100% fresh product that is never made from a powder or concentrate mix.

We also use top of the line machines that freeze the yogurt at just the right temperature and dispense it with the perfect consistancy time and time again. Our yogurt has a harder consistancy than that of our competitors resulting in a more satisfying experience.

Sweet Monkey also offers our own proprietary flavors that are made daily in our kitchens that you will only find at Sweet Monkey. We have more than 60 frozen yogurt flavors that get rotated every week, and we serve 24 flavors of frozen yogurt at any given time so you are sure to find one you love! There are special Holiday flavors and seasonal flavors that we put out just for those special occasions as well.

At Sweet Monkey, you can really "Taste The Difference."



Looking for something great to give someone? Look no further! A Sweet Monkey gift card can be used for any satisfying, delicious purchase of frozen yogurt, cupcakes, candy, brownies or coffee. It can also be used to purchase of our in store or online merchandise.

We offer coffee mugs, T-shirts, carrying bags, water bottles, Christmas ornaments, and much more! You can either buy online* and we will ship it to you, or you can purchase in your local store!

*Online store currently unavailable

Mobile Monkey

"Today's healthy lifestyle initiatives are changing the way families eat while at liesure. Families want to have healthier choices when they are at amusement parks, fairs, carnivals or sporting events. Frozen yogurt has been the answer for millions of customer that want a healthier alternative to traditional frozen desserts, but to date, that choice has been limited to stationary brick and mortar stores, and there certainly hasn't been an option for healthy frozen yogurt at the local park, fair, or event."

With "The Mobile Monkey," you and your patrons/guests can have the same incredible self serve frozen yogurt experience as our brick and mortar franchise stores, but brought directly to you in a unique, patented self serve mobile unit! Just think, now with a space as small as 8.5'x16', we can bring the excitement of the SWEET MONKEY anywhere you are! The opportunities for the "Mobile Monkey" are unlimited!

"The Mobile Monkey" is the next generation of the self serve frozen yogurt craze! We can now deliver a healthy, great tasting, fun experience for all ages, but in a mobile concession unit. Putting the patron in charge of making their own creation is a self powering, fun experience. With over 60 different flavors of Sweet Monkey Frozen Yogurt to choose from, and an endless number of toppings, we can custom tailor the experience for any event or for any client!

Some of the endless possibilities for "The Mobile Monkey" are: local and regional fairs and carnivals, local high school sporting events, college sporting events, business and government catered events, weddings, birthdays, food truck craze, local fund raisers, school lunch programs, concerts, and more. What's better? The Sweet Monkey will partner with your charity event and even give back 10% of our proceeds toward the charity. The Mobile Monkey is fully licensed and insured and with our valuable experience in creating the right environment for each client, our team will work with you to make your event flawless!

What about our products? Sweet Monkey yogurt is the best tasting frozen yogurt on the planet! There are over 60 Low Fat & No Fat, all natural, delicious flavors to choose from. Sweet Monkey gives your customers topping choices like fresh strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries; and for the sweet tooth, there is nothing like our fresh baked goods, gourmet chocolates, hand dipped pretzel or chocolate cones, and choice of candies and syrups to top it all off! The Sweet Monkey also offers your patrons a choice of over 30 different varieties of award winning, fresh baked "Over the Top" cupcakes on display, along with our proprietary blend of coffee. There is something for everyone!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please fill out the following form.

Nutritional Guides

Sweet Monkey offers all natural, wholesome yogurt. Our yogurt is either non fat or low fat and some are even sugar free! We have certified kosher products as well as non allergin products. We can provide specific nutritional information on all our products upon request. If you have a specific request about one of our products or if you would like a nutritional guide for a specific product like the one on the left, please let us know and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

Press Inqueries

Sweet Monkey has been featured in several publications and TV shows. We LOVE the pub! If you have a publication or show, feature, movie, ect... that would like to feature "Sweet Monkey", or any images, trademarks, or copyrights, please let us know how we can accommodate you!


Sweet Monkey offers 101 different, unique toppings to mix in with your frozen yogurt! Truth be told, we actually offer 170 different toppings, but 101 looks better on the sign!

Fruits and Berries. We buy and prepared fruits daily in our kitchens. We use only the freshest, locally bought fruits and berries so you will always get the best tasting available.

Cereals. We have 20 different types of cereals, and some you can't find anywhere else (Lucky Charm marshmallows, anyone?) We also serve milk by the carton, so if you missed breakfast, we have you covered!

CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! Boy, do we have the candy! Walls of it! Chocolate too! We are not afraid to boast about it either! Sometimes we wonder if the kids come in for the yogurt or the candy to put on top of it! We also sell candy by the bag, so mix and match until your heart's content.

One-Of-A-Kind Toppings. No where else can you find chocolate covered bacon! That's right! We make it ourselves. And also, 10 different kinds of nuts and 20 different syrups. Where else can you find warm marshmallow cream or hot fudge?

At Sweet Monkey, you really can "Taste The Difference!"